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Beck Rethinks His Take on Holder's 'My People' Comment


"I'm going to give him a pass on that."

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On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck gave a candid glimpse into the inner workings of his TV show. He admitted that "45 seconds" before a segment dealing with a government officials controversial comments was set to air, he changed it. To Beck, the context of those comments was unclear.

The person? Attorney General Eric Holder. The statement? That comparing the recent New Black Panther case to the civil rights movement is a "disservice" to those who defended "my people."

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According to Beck's explanation, he and his staff weren't able to get audio of Holder's comments until immediately before the show. When Beck did hear that audio, he said it became unclear whether "my people" referred to the entire black race or just Holder's family, which Holder referenced in his statement. Beck decided to use caution.

Later in the show, Beck went as far as to say he owed Holder an apology for discussing the incident on his radio show yesterday -- a story first broken by Politico, which used the headline, "Eric Holder: Black Panther case focus demeans 'my people.'" Beck said reading the transcript and hearing Holder deliver the actual remarks made a difference:

You can watch Holder's comments below:

Beck made a similar decision not to run video of former agriculture official Shirley Sherrod saying race once played a role in her job and decision-making. Those comments were eventually found to be taken out of context.

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