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MSNBC Analyst Feels Worse for American Man Losing His Job Than for Muslim Woman Being Stoned to Death


Afghanistan and our military commitment in that region was the subject of a fifteen minute discussion on MSNBC's Morning Joe today.  Aside from the questions many of us are asking (including the Secretary of Defense) about what event or events will finally trigger an exodus of the thousands of American men and women currently serving in the region, the conversation took a bizarre turn. Following a report on a drone mission that went wrong, accidentally killing nine children in Afghanistan, host Joe Scarborough made this very dire prediction.

"We are creating generations of terrorists right now by our actions... We think it's a clean war?  We think a drone war is a clean war?  It is the messiest of all wars because what we are doing over there will lead to bombings in the United States of America over the next decade."

Scarborough's dark prognosis is not without validity as we have evidence that past American military actions have been used to recruit potential terrorists and martyrs.  However a bit later in the conversation contributor Mike Barnicle made this very bizarre statement saying that he felt worse for a man who loses his job than he does for a woman in Afghanistan who is stoned to death for winking at a man.

Who would you feel sorry for?  The man who lost his job or the woman caught flirting in town and then buried up to her neck and stoned to death?

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