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Update: Tackled Wis. Rep Admits 'I Was Aggressive'


"armed palace environment"

Wis. State Rep. Nick Milroy released a statement today regarding the stunning video showing him being tackled by police last night as he tried to storm the Capitol. On one hand, he admitted he was "aggressive." On the other hand, he railed against Gov. Scott Walker's "armed palace environment."

Milroy said he tried to get into the Capitol in order to retrieve some "personal belongings." At that point, he admitted, "I was aggressive in attempting to re-enter the Capitol and law enforcement was aggressive in trying to keep me out."

The video, posted early this morning on The Blaze, shows Milroy being taken to the ground and eventually shouting at officers.

(Watch the original video.)

Despite the admission, however, Milroy also took a shot at Walker, saying he had created an "armed palace environment," and that he has been "frustrated" with Walker's "lockdown" of the building. In reality, a judge ordered the building closed for cleaning -- a necessary step after weeks of protests.

Said Milroy, who has been holding office hours outside in the wake of the closing, "No lawmaker should have to go to that extent to talk to the people he represents."

Milroy said he was eventually allowed in the Capitol, and he did go out of his way to praise Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs for "skillfully" clearing the building after hours.

"Overall, law enforcement has done an excellent job in a ridiculous situation," Milroy said. "They are simply following the orders of Governor Walker."

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