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Codex Teapartiensis


An interesting discovery by our friend Zombie:

Yesterday I attended the Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale, a massive annual event where thousands of people crowd into an enormous warehouse to browse through mountains of junk, castoffs and collectibles.

I was rooting through a box of old books when I noticed a yellowed scrap of paper loose at the bottom of the box. Curious, I picked it up and was at first mystified and then amazed at what was printed on it.

I brought the scrap along with my other purchases to the check-out table, but they just let me have it for free. Which was a mistake on their part, because what I had discovered was a foundational document of the Tea Party movement — dating all the way back to 1963!

I have since dubbed this sacred artifact the Codex Teapartiensis.

I brought it home and scanned it, to share my discovery with other history scholars.

Click here to read more on the 'Codex Teapartiensis,' including transcripts of both documents.

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