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Awesome photo: International Space Station traverses the sun


Astrophotographer Alan Friedman captured this one-of-a-kind image of the International Space Station -- with a docked Space Shuttle Discovery -- traversing between Earth and the sun (upper right-hand corner). The event itself lasted just 0.2 seconds, Wired reports.

Friedman drove 1,800 miles from his home in Buffalo, New York to the annual Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys, “for the steady skies, warm temperatures and the company of good astronomy friends,” he wrote on his website. “But when I heard that the ISS would transit the sun nearby … I had to give it a try.” [...]

“We got set up just in time to catch it,” Friedman wrote. “I underestimated the narrowness of this event … another 500 feet and we would have missed it entirely. Lucky day!”

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