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Monday Morning Must-Reads


Taking a page out of Michelle Obama's playbook, Hugo Chavez is warning Venezuelans to watch their waistlines.

Billionaire "spooky dude" George Soros stands to make serious bank with Barack Obama's energy agenda.

Far-left protesters in Britain spent the weekend tearing London apart.  Now authorities worry they will turn their focus on disrupting the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The Muslim Brotherhood is now looking to take a leading role in Libya.

Potential 2012 GOP contender Herman Cain has made waves on the blogosphere in boldly declaring he would not feel comfortable appointing a Muslim as a cabinet official or federal judge if elected.

The heated rhetoric of some Democratic lawmakers in Wisconsin has surprised many, even revolutionaries, says a leader of the Communist Party USA.

Finally, I don't know how this SWITL robotic hand device possibly works, but it does and it's blowing my mind.  Not only does it scoop up a ketchup and mayonnaise mess better than any quicker-picker-upper you've ever used, it also has the ability to replace it -- literally unchanged from its original shape:

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