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Bachmann Doesn't Rule Out Ground Forces: 'This is President Obama's War


"We're looking at a full scale escalation..."

During a "Fox & Friends" interview on Wednesday, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) made some strong statements about America's intervention in Libya. Not only did she call this Obama's war, but she also said sending troops in looks like a possibility.

"We're looking at a full scale escalation, potentially United States troops on the ground -- we were assured by our president that that would not happen -- and now a call for arms. So this is President Obama's war, even though he's not using that term, we are now engaged in a third Middle Eastern battle.

"I think this was the wrong move at the wrong time," she added:

Bachmann's assertion that troops may end up on the ground is not far-fetched considering 2,200 sailors and marines have just been deployed off the coast of Libya (to replace Marines already in the area). WTVD reports:

Twenty-two hundred Marines and sailors from Camp Lejeune are preparing to deploy off the coast of Libya in northern Africa. They said goodbye to their families Monday afternoon, and they'll be leaving in the days ahead.

"There's always in the back of your mind what if, what could happen," Marine wife Carrie Cochran said. [...]

The 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit was set to deploy to the Mediterranean later this year but that got bumped up once NATO forces launched an air assault on Libya.

The unit is relieving the 26th MEU, which took part in some of the initial assaults. The 22nd is a Marine, air and ground task force. Some are trained for aviation combat, others for ground combat. They can handle evacuations and humanitarian missions too. [Emphasis added]

Whatever the president decides, Cochran's husband, Sergeant Lewis Cochran, says he told his little boy, Dylan, he's ready.

"My Marines, all the Marines the whole PLT is ready to go," Sgt. Cochran said.

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