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Child 'Zombies' March Against Gov. Walker's Union Bill: 'Eat the Rich


"This is what democracy looks like."

Sure, it's odd that Madison, WI hosted a Zombie walk to protest Gov. Walker's budget cuts and anti-union bill. And if you call the costumes "sick" that might actually be a compliment. But how do you describe children dressing up in those costumes and carrying anti-Walker and pro-union signs?

Buzzfeed captured some of the young living dead from Saturday:

Mediate found a video of the march, which includes chants of, "“What do we want? BRAINS! When do we want them? BRAINS!” Author Alex Alvaraz explains, "The insinuation being, of course, that brains are difficult to come by among Wisconsin lawmakers backing the bill:"

[youtube expand=1]

And yes, you did notice more children in the video:

"Faux News" even showed up and captured one kid in full face paint groaning, "Brains," and another in a stroller with a sign that says, "Eat the Rich:"

[youtube expand=1]

But the most appropriate sign of the day probably belonged to this kid:

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