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Real or Hoax? Shocking Car Accident Video Goes Viral


It's shocking. You'll probably watch it multiple times. And then you'll wonder if it's real or not. We're not sure.

There's a new video whizzing around the internet taken from inside a car while traveling down the highway. All the sudden, out of nowhere a 2x4 comes crashing through the window. You hear screeching breaks, and your jaw hits the floor:

[youtube expand=1]

But is it real? A couple things make us question:

1. It's hard to see where the 2x4 actually comes from. We slowed it down and can see it "comes" from the side of the road and is kicked up by the trailer in front. But even then it happens so fast. Almost too fast:

2. There's no explanation in the video, and the Google searches we did turned up nothing, even though the description does say no one was hurt and mentions a Wendy Cobb.

3. No one screams, or makes any sort of noise. Not a peep. Don't you think if a log slammed through your windshield you might have to apologize for what came out of your mouth, or would at least let out a gasp?

4. The quality of the video is great. It doesn't look like a normal cell phone video. Could that point to it all being staged?

5. If you look close at the speedometer, it's almost at zero:

Maybe Wendy just has really good brakes. But if you're traveling down the highway, I think it's highly unlikely you go from 60 to five in about three seconds.

6. We've seen incredible videos like this turn out to be part of marketing campaigns for movies. As we've reported before, there's even a company where that's all they do.

So what do you think: real or hoax? Vote and then hammer it out in the comments.

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