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Crazy: Bug-Bitten Man Infects Wife With First Ever Mosquito-Borne STD

The virus is spread through mosquito bites.

No amount of chamomile lotion is going to make this any better.

Via Fox News:

Scientists think they may have documented the first case of a sexually transmitted insect-borne disease, according to a study in Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Brian Foy, a vector biologist at Colorado State University who traveled to Senegal, was bitten by a mosquito and subsequently developed the Zika virus, which causes fatigue and joint pains.

When Foy returned to the U.S. and had sex with his wife, he unknowingly transmitted the disease to her.

But phew: New York Magazine informs us that everything is just fine: "Everyone in this story is fine. The insect-borne illness in question has worn off, even if the rest of us come down with a case of the willies."

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