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Beck Reveals Presidential 'Dream Team:' West, Bachmann, Paul and...Beck?


Is Glenn Beck getting ready to run for president? That was at least the joke on radio today.

While on the road this morning, Beck took some time to reveal who would be on his presidential "dream team" ticket come 2012. Sure, he's revealed his love for Michele Bachmann before -- who made his list -- but today he revealed who he thought would best serve the country as president: Rep. Allen West.

Beck's picks came after a discussion about Donald Trump's chances at becoming the GOP nominee and then president. According to Beck, they're not good. After talking about Rick Santorum's qualifications (who Beck likes and respects) he revealed his "dream team:" West as president, Bachmann as vice president, and (mentioned in the second clip) Ron Paul as treasury secretary. Listen to him defend his picks below:

Bonus clip

Alert: Glenn Beck considers running for president

Ok, not so much. But that may be the headline you could see after people heard what else Beck had to say on radio today. Basically, he speculated about his own presidential plans. He pointed out that considering the events of late (i.e. him transitioning from his daily Fox show) and Sarah Palin's refusal to not name him as a running mate (said very facetiously), could it be that he is looking to throw his hat in the ring?

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