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Obama finally supporting military families?


The Obama administration launched "Joining Forces" today, a new website and White House initiative aimed at supporting America's military families. In the announcement, President Obama remarked that Americans have a "solemn duty" and "moral obligation" to help families who have members fighting overseas for American freedom.

I think it's wonderful to support our servicemembers and their families in any way we can, but where was this sentiment last week?  As you'll recall, when a budget compromise remained pending, Republicans pushed for a measure that would have guaranteed continued pay and benefits for our troops in the event of a possible government shutdown.  The measure also included a provision to defund Planned Parenthood.  In the end, Obama threatened to veto the measure in order to maintain Planned Parenthood's funding and, subsequently, PP's political slush fund for Democratic candidates.

So while the president claimed today that supporting our men and women in uniform is his No. 1 priority, his actions just days ago tell a different story.

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