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Re: Scott's baseless attack of my Brad Thor love


I'm moving on from Sack (I think Meredith did a nice job of defending my viewpoint -- despite her jab at my picture-taking) and setting my sights on Scott.

In Scott's weak (okay, maybe not weak -- anyone who brings the website into a discussion deserves props) semi-applaudable attempt at a critique of me, he dared question my love of Brad Thor. Thor, you may know, is the best political thriller writer of our time. I've posted about his latest book here.

Back to Scott. Señor Baker says that my book shelf pictures prove I am not a Thor fan because they show Thor's books are absent from my shelf. Laughable. First, I did specifically say that the pictures were only a small part of my collection -- two rows of two shelves. For your information, most of my Thor books are located in my night stand. Second, ONE OF THE PICTURES DOES SHOW TWO THOR BOOKS:

You'll notice that in the very bottom right you see two books, side-by-side that say "BRA--." The one on the left is Thor's "Foreign Influence." The one on the right is his "Athena Project."

Boom! Winning!

Also, to prove how much I love my Kindle, consider this: I have almost every book in Thor's Scot Harvath series. I'm currently on the fifth book, "Takedown." But, instead of reading the actual paperback version of the book, which I own, I decided to buy it for $7.99 on my Kindle.

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