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Georgia Woman Admits: I Sent Bloody Pig Foot & Anti-Semitic Note to Rep. King


Hey, Rep. King: You can "kiss my black, Muslim-American a--."

A woman who describes herself a "black, Muslim, American" admitted to sending U.S. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) a bloody pig's foot and anti-Semitic letter earlier this month. For more on that story, read our coverage here.

The woman, Jacquelyn Barnette of Marietta, Ga, told the New York Post, "I thought the letters explain themselves."

The Post notes that Barnette's letter to King not only contained anti-Semitic slurs, but also "derogatory references to Christians and white people."

She signed off King's letter telling him to "kiss my black, Muslim-American a--."

Fox News has King's response:

Asked about her comments, King told Fox News she "seems to be a disturbed person."

"I'll let the police decide how to deal with her. I don't want to do anything to encourage her or others like her," he said.

Barnette's letter allegedly referenced the controversial and high-profile radical Islam hearings that Rep. King held in March.

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