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Jake Gyllenhaal: Beauty AND Brains? Maybe not.


Someone left a copy of Maxim magazine at my apartment and then someone else came by and held me up at gunpoint and forced me to read it. Anyway, in the course of that reading I stumbled upon an interview with Jake Gyllenhaal that made me laugh. After being asked all about his new movie Source Code, the interviewer asked him:

Maxim: "Do people make The Day After Tomorrow jokes to you whenever there's a really big snowstorm?"

Typical Maxim question (not that I know what that is).  Normally this is where you'd answer "Hahaha, yeah, all the time.  My friends are idiots."  But, that's not what old Jake said.

Gyllenhaal: "No. But I do feel like we're starting to live in that movie. It's scary how prophetic Roland Emmerich was."

Huh? Is this some kind of climate change commentary or is he just making the case that we had a really bad winter? And Roland Emmerich as "prophetic"?? I live in NYC and, at least to date, haven't been forced to burn books inside the NY Public Library to keep warm as a new Ice Age descends upon us. I'll keep you posted though.

In the meantime, if anyone else has been forced by this creep to read trashy magazine's against their will in the comfort of their own home, I'd appreciate you reaching out so we can ID him.

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