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Olbermann: S.E. Cupp Should Have Never Been Born, Proves 'Necessity' of Planned Parenthood


"She adds nothing but bile and lies."

Keith Olbermann is not known for his candor.* In a sense, it's what's made him a popular figure on the left. And sure, he makes off-the-wall comments sometimes in order to evoke a response. But he may have gone too far today when he suggested that conservative commentator S.E. Cupp is a prime example of why the world needs Planned Parenthood (PP). Translation, she should have never been born.

Immediately, the comment drew fire from those who said Olbermann, the former MSNBC host turned Current TV commentator, insinuated Cupp should have been aborted. And just as quickly, Olbermann started treading water.

Here's how it went down.

Olbermann's initial comment, via Twitter, was a response to a tweet from a follower who pointed out that on Joy Behar's show last night, Cupp said she wasn't a fan of supporting Planned Parenthood:

[youtube expand=1]

That elicited this response:

Naturally, people were outraged, chastising Olbermann for what they believed was him calling for her fetal death:

Olbermann quickly denied the charge, saying that he wasn't suggesting Cupp should have been aborted, but rather that her parents should have taken advantage of pre-pregnancy counseling, or birth control, offered by some PP clinics (meaning she still should never have been brought into this world):

We reached out to Cupp for comment, and she provided us with a statement from her mother, Patricia. In it, framed as an open letter to Olbermann, Mrs. Cupp says she is quite proud of her decision and her daughter:

An Open Letter to Keith Olbermann,

In response to your comment on Twitter that S.E.Cupp is "a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does," and that "her parents would have helped the earth had they consulted PP for birth control":

As S.E. Cupp's mother, I have to ask: Have you no shame? No depth to which you will not stoop to insult an adversary?

My daughter was raised to express her opinion respectfully. I am sure you were as well. What happened?

You should know that her father and I are endlessly proud of the young woman she has become.


Patricia Cupp

But that may not change Olbermann's opinion of Cupp. In two of his latest tweets, he lets the world know what he really thinks of her:

Cupp is a columnist for the New York Daily News and currently hosts an hour-long show hosted by

*Author's note: by candor here I mean the second definition: fairness; impartiality. Thanks to reader Jill for requesting clarification.


Cupp has responded. You can listen to her response in our new story here.

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