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S.E. Cupp Responds to Olbermann Tweets: He's 'Misogynistic' and Has 'Huge Problems With Women

S.E. Cupp Responds to Olbermann Tweets: He's 'Misogynistic' and Has 'Huge Problems With Women

"There's so much hypocrisy here."

S.E. Cupp appeared on Glenn Beck's radio show today and offered her first response since Keith Olbermann tweeted that she's an example of the "necessity" of Planned Parenthood, essentially wishing she had never been born. According to her, this is just one more example of Olbermann's misogyny.

(Read Olbermann's initial tweets.)

"No one is going to be surprised to learn that Keith Olbermann is incredibly misogynistic and has huge problems with women," Cupp told co-hosts Pat and Stu who were filling in for Beck. She also chastised Olbermann for using abortion as a "cheap punch line," and accused him of hypocrisy after calling for tolerance and then going on to "spew that kind of vile in a public forum."

Olbermann's initial comment was in response to Cupp coming out against public funding for Planned Parenthood earlier in the week.

"I didn't find it very funny," Cupp said, before explaining, "You never get used to someone wishing you were dead."

Olbermann wrote a blog post yesterday in response to the controversy. In it, he accused Cupp of perpetuating "the lie that Planned Parenthood does nothing but conduct abortions." But as Mediaite's Tommy Christopher pointed out in the comments section of that post, that's not true at all:

However, your assertion that “One of their stooges (SE Cupp) goes on and perpetuates the lie that Planned Parenthood does nothing but conduct abortions” isn’t actually true, either. I’ve read the transcript you tweeted, and watched the video, and Cupp does no such thing. In fact, when Behar points out that PP does cervical cancer screenings, Cupp replies “You`re right. They do.”

The worst thing she says about Planned Parenthood, throughout the entire clip, is “I don`t believe in what they believe in. I don`t want to have to pay for it.”

The crew over at Fox News's "Red Eye" tackled the controversy in a humorous way. You can watch that here.

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