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Vegan mag busted for photoshopping meat out of photos


You could prepare spare ribs the normal delicious way, or you could prepare it the "vegan" way -- which is simply removing the bones, according to photos featured VegNews -- one of the nation's top print and online resources for vegans. The magazine's "vegan" recipes featured photos that, upon examination, were in fact Photoshopped stock photos of recipes containing meat.

h/t Geekosystem

QuarryGirl blog discovered the discrepancy:

it’s sad, then, that the pictures we’ve been drooling over for years are actually of MEAT! Veg News has written tens (possibly hundreds) of articles extolling the virtues of a vegan lifestyle, while purchasing rock-bottom priced stock photos of MEAT, EGGS, DAIRY and other completely non-vegan things.
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