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This is the Allegedly Drunken TV Anchor Video That Forced a Resignation


"a medical issue that needs immediate attention"

An MC at a charity event is supposed to lighten the mood while also being serious enough to keep the event clipping along. He's not supposed to overshadow said event. And he's definitely not supposed to be drunk. But that's apparently what happened when Springfield, MA, and WGGB, anchor Paul Mueller hosted a fundraising gala over the weekend for the Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover Foundation, a group that fights bullying.

During the event, Mueller got up for one of his spiels, but it appears he had too much to drink as he rambles and slurs his words, even using the gay slur "fa*." All to the astonishment of those in the room. A gala attendee captured part of the speech and e-mailed it to TV Spy:

[Content Warning for a gay slur]

After a day of denial, Mueller e-mailed the following message to TV Spy saying he has resigned. And from the sound of it, it seems like he's getting help for alcoholism, or rather "a medical issue ... that has now apparently gained national attention from the youtube video:"

Not sure if you are aware but I hae resigned effective immediately today, Monday, April 18, for a medical issue that needs immediate attention, a prob lem that has now apparently gained national attention from the youtube video.  Hopefully, with time and appropriate medical treatment, I will once again be able to return to the field of television news.  If not, so be it.  Today, though, my thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Carl Walker Hoover, the Foundation, as well as the five young recipients who received scholarships Saturday night.  They are the story — not me.  Thank you. [Errors are his]

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