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Caught on Vid: TV Reporter Arrested During Broadcast After Scuffle With Police


"threw the officer to the ground"

WOFL-TV (Orlando, FL)  reporter Patrick Pegues was sent to cover a deadly shooting at a 24-hour internet cafe yesterday. But instead, he became the news.

Things started out well enough. Early in the morning, Pegues delivered this report:

But everything went south from there. According to video posted on YouTube, and confirmed by the news station, Pegues tussled with security guards and police just as he was about to do another live report from the scene. TV Spy explains:

Sources tell Florida News Center that Pegues, who had interviewed a local police officer during the Fox O&O’s morning newscast (video above), was about to do a live stand-up shot in front of the internet cafe when a security guard confronted him, asking him to leave.

After Pegues ignored the security guard’s request, a police officer grabbed him from behind. Pegues instantly reacted and threw the officer to the ground, at which point security guards rushed in to restrain him.

A bystander caught the incident on video:

[youtube expand=1]

TV Spy reports this isn't the first time Pegues has been arrested. He was charged with disorderly conduct in 2007 after refusing to stay in a designated media area while covering a car crash.

No word on if he has been charged in this incident.

But while the video does reveal a shocking, and ironic, scuffle, it also confirms what we've all thought: Did you notice that Pegues was wearing a suit coat and tie while also wearing jeans?

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