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Every once in awhile I come across a post that makes me either laugh so hard I cry, or scream out an "Amen!" and a "Hallelujah!" Today I came across a "Hallelujah!" post.

Earlier this afternoon we posted the story showing a smug White House Press Secretary Jay Carney laughing and mocking questions from reporters wondering why the President didn't issue an Easter proclamation. Given Obama's habit of issuing such statements on much lesser holidays (I wouldn't be surprised if secretary's day is slated for special recognition), they were legitimate questions.

Many sites covered the snub and more importantly Carney's reaction. But none did it quite like Alex Alvarez over at Mediaite. Not only did she respond with a healthy dose of sarcasm, but she also included a great point.

First the sarcasm, which took aim at Carney claiming he didn't know whether Obama issued an Easter statement:

I mean, honestly, why would the White House’s Press Secretary know what the White House did or did not send out? Can’t journalists ever do anything for themselves? Calm down, people! It’s just a holiday that’s celebrated by something like, what? Seventy-eight percent of Americans, including the First Family? It’s no “Wright Brothers Day.” One reporter, clearly clueless, followed up by asking, “It’s the highest Christian holiday and you don’t know if you put out a statement? Come on, Jay.”

Carney’s response? “I’m glad you’re asking these key, important questions, guys.” Because the White House Press Secretary glibly scoffing at reporters’ questions and deflecting blame shouldn’t exactly be news at this point.

And now her great point:

Oh my God (of the New Testament)! Jay. Jay, Jay, Jaaaaaay. Jay. We really, honestly, sincerely do not think the reporter’s question was a sly, roundabout way of asking why “alleged Christian” Barack Obama intentionally neglected Easter while secretly burning a basketful of Cadbury eggs as a sacrifice to the giant Golden Calf/Donkey he keeps in the White House Red Room. And we don’t think the story here is “media attacks Obama over questions about his faith” but, rather, “White House Press Secretary apparently assumes he needs to drive home the fact that our President is indeed Christian and does not hate Easter, the Easter bunny, Jesus Christ, or delicious seasonal treats like marshmallow Peeps.”

"Amen!" I say. "Hallelujah!"

Read the rest of her "Post of the Day" here. By the way, I'll try to make "Post of the Day" a daily routine. Try.

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