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American Scientist Has Created 'Healthy' Ice Cream!


Thanks to years of research by a scientist at Missouri University, we're about to experience a quantum leap in food technology.

Healthy ice cream will be a reality in our lifetime.

Science is working to combine healthy elements (vitamins, supplements, etc) with foods that we all like to eat and ice cream is right up there atop the 'like to eat' list. It also turns out that ice cream is a perfect medium for delivering fiber, antioxidants, and probiotics. The trick is in the blend. Just like the secret recipe for Coca-Cola, if a perfect mix can be achieved, there are tens of billions of dollars to be made.

As reported by, this new 'multifunctional' ice cream is just around the corner;

In a bid to try and create a healthier ice cream product, the food chemist Ingolf Gruen of Missouri (MU) is adding fiber, pro-biotic bacteria and antioxidants to the food.

The brilliant Mr. Gruen told the media;

“I might be wrong, but the current “functional ice creams” have either probiotics, fiber or are antioxidant rich, but none that has all three.”

Functional Foods, an interesting concept that has been around for some time, but has never quite broken through with a product that is healthy and tasty. Until now.

First Lady Michelle Obama wants America to get healthy and why not?  A country filled with healthier people will ease some of the financial strain on our economy as well as make for a happier population overall.  I am joining her crusade and will be starting a diet tomorrow.  This diet is going to be full of fiber, antioxidants, and those beneficial probiotics Jamie Lee Curtis is always talking about. And it's going to be an ice cream diet.

H/T to the NY Daily News

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