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Disgruntled Delivery Man Dedicates Blog to Bashing Bad Tippers


Attention residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn: there is an angry bicycle delivery man on the loose. Be sure to tip him well or face the unholy wrath of his new blog, "≤15%: a bunch of sh***y tips."

That's right -- don't tip enough and your name and address get posted to the peddling vigilante's site dedicated to publicly shaming bad tippers. According to the anonymous bloggers first post, his minimum acceptable standard is... you guessed it, 15 percent:

"15 Percent is a blog documenting people, and companies who have never seemed to work in the service industry, or don’t think to tip at least 15% on deliveries, and instead opt for 2 dollars on everything," the site says.  "This is for all the people who have been handed $80 on a $78 order and told “keep the change”. Thanks a**-h***."

According to Gawker, the website's anonymous administrator is Larry Fox, a "20 year old designer and developer."

"I just got tired of all these big companies, these TV shows and movie sets giving us two or three dollar tips on a $90 order," Fox told Gothamist.  "The excuse is that 'we can't tip because that's what corporate says' is wrong. I find it disrespectful. And I wanted to make people aware of that."

Gawker's Adrian Chen writes:

We called Urban Rustic deli, one of Fox's employers. Owner Luis Illades said that Fox was a member of a "close-knit group of kids" who deliver for a bunch of Williamsburg restaurants. Asked if he was concerned about the names and addresses of his customers being posted to the Internet, Illades said "It's an art project—I have to support everyone's art and voice." That's Williamsburg, folks!

This will either end in a mass conversion of all Williamsburg denizens into gracious tippers or Fox getting beaten up. Either way, this blog probably won't be around for very much longer.

It's a good thing Fox doesn't deliver in my D.C. neighborhood.  I'm still under the impression that 10 percent is adequate (when did this change?) and only exemplary service earns the coveted 15 percent.

Speaking of tipping, why do we tip in the first place?  Why is it even acceptable for restaurants to pay their staff sub-par wages and expect customers to pick up the difference?

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