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Royal Horse Bucks off Rider, Runs Loose Past William & Kate During Carriage Ride


"Kate, who is allergic to horses, looked shocked and a little worried..."

Even if you got up at 6 am ET to watch the royal wedding, you probably missed the chaos during the couple's carriage ride to Buckingham Palace. It hasn't got a lot of press, and was barely noticeable, but there was some equine drama after the "I wills."

What happened? A rider with the cavalry trailing the carriage was bucked off his horse, leaving the steed to run wild past the carriage and through the street.

The riderless horse can be seen on the left side of the image below:

From the Daily Mail:

It wouldn’t be a proper wedding if there wasn’t at least one slip-up.

But pity the poor cavalry guardsman who fell from his horse when it spooked at the cheering crowds.

He desperately tried to cling on, but was thrown onto the tarmac as the carriage procession left Westminster Abbey and turned from Parliament Square onto Whitehall.

At first he managed to grab onto the reins and keep his steed to one side, as Kate and William passed by in their open-top 1902 State Landau.

Kate, who is allergic to horses, looked shocked and a little worried, but William calmly reassured her.

It is understood that the animal managed to make its way back to its barracks in Hyde Park by itself.

Neither the horse nor the soldier was injured, although a source said: "The rider's pride was probably a little bit hurt."

An Army spokesman said: "As always with these occasions, the noise and excitement can affect the horses.

"Today there was a loose horse following the safe escort of the Queen back to Buckingham Palace but the training and professionalism of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment soldiers ensured the ceremony continued without further incident.

Ironically, the same thing happened during Charles and Diana's carriage ride after their wedding in 1981.

Cameras did capture, albeit briefly, the ordeal:

Some local British broadcasters share their perspective:

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