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Rachel Maddow Mocks Beck & His Fans For 'Courage' Event in Israel


"What American export could be less helpful to the Middle East than that?”

When Rachel Maddow heard that Glenn Beck was planning an event in Jerusalem, she sarcastically uttered "oh good" before launching into a short diatribe mocking the plan. And by mocking I mean insulting the intelligence and political views of Beck's followers.

After warning that any "American insertion" into the volatile Middle East must be done with care, she played Beck's announcement. Then the jabs started: "And don't worry Glenn Beck Followers, there will be travel deals for you to get yourself physically to Israel, to make it convenient for you to bring your subtle, nuanced, political understanding to a part of the world that really needs you.”

Then she asks a couple questions:

“What could be worse than Fox News exporting its end of the world conspiracy theorist who sees Communists and George Soros as a Jewish puppet-master in everything? What American export could be less helpful to the Middle East than that?”

She eventually does answer the question with the founder of the private-contract military group Blackwater setting up a new fighting group in Abu Dhabi that doesn't allow Muslims. But then again, the digs aren't meant to be found in the answer, they're couched in the questions. See for yourself below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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