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A bit of doomsday optimism


It's 7:30 ET and I'm still here. Is there anyone else still out there or did I get left behind in the Rapture?

If you are still out there, I thought I'd share an observation with all my fellow survivors. Over on the stories side of things, Scott wondered earlier, "What if today's prophecy of doomsday turns out to be right?" The accompanying AP article mentioned how people were preparing to meet their maker with parties and bar bashes. I didn't believe the world would end today, but it did get me thinking: If the world were ending, how would I want to spend my final moments on earth?

Maybe it's not so bad to think of today as the possible end of the world. Event if it's not, would it be so bad to call friends and family just to remind them you love them? Would it be so bad to use today as a time to reflect on what you've done in life so far and remind yourself what you still want? I don't think so.

So tonight, instead of toasting the non-end-of-the-world, raise your glass to the possibilities of tomorrow and rededicate yourself to make each moment count!

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