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Go to Hell': Ed Schultz Calls Into Local Radio Program and Bashes Host

Go to Hell': Ed Schultz Calls Into Local Radio Program and Bashes Host

"I don't know if you follow the news or not."

If you want to understand the clip you're about to hear, it's best described as an argument between two liberals about who is a true liberal.

Now, that's the oversimplified version. The details go something like this. Local liberal radio host (in Colorado) David Sirota slammed Schultz for accusing Michael Moore of "liberal hand-wringing." Schultz was upset at Moore's comments criticizing the president for killing Osama bin Laden. Mediaite's Tommy Christopher explains more:

Schultz then denounced Moore’s “hand-wringing” on The Ed Show, quite effectively arguing that this is what we (liberals) elected President Obama to do, that he has been promising to do this very thing for almost four years, now.

It is important to note that neither Ed, nor I, ever suggested that Moore, or anyone else, should not question the government. That’s important, because that was the accusation that Keith Olbermann made of Schultz, obliquely calling him a “supposedly liberal commentator on a supposedly liberal network.”

It’s an attack that Sirota picked up, falsely accusing Schultz of “screaming at other people not to ask questions of their government.”

He then plays an out-of-context quote of Schultz saying, “The fact of the matter is, the intellectual liberal hand-wringing needs to stop in this country.”

Schultz’s statement was made in the context of demonstrating that Michael Moore’s statements were based on a complete ignorance of the facts. The problem wasn’t Moore’s questions, but rather, the answers he pulled out of his [a**]. Bin Laden wasn’t “executed” or “denied a trial,” he was killed in a military operation that offered almost no chance of capturing him safely.

Here's the clip, which is quite entertaining as it includes Schultz telling Sirota to "go to hell" and reminding him that Schultz's show is national and Sirota's is not. Additionally, it ends with Sirota muting Schultz and Schultz hanging up on Sirot. And although it may not happen a lot, there are times where Schultz makes a lot of sense:

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