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Obama's Re-Election Team May Be Digging Up Dirt on Chris Christie


"Short of suicide, I don't really know what I'd have to do to convince you people that I'm not running."

Chris Christie has repeatedly stated that he won't be seeking the presidency in 2012, yet the Obama administration is allegedly digging deep to find dirt on the New Jersey governor.

The New York Post claims that "Obama's operatives" are assembling information that could be used to damage Christie's image in the event that he does, indeed, challenge the president next year. The Post reports that campaign officials have been attempting to keep this covert operation under wraps:

The operatives have chosen not to dispatch their own people to New Jersey, but instead are talking to people there and in New York who know Christie from his time in the governor's office, as a gubernatorial candidate and as US attorney.

While some GOP insiders insist that Christie may consider running, he continues to vehemently deny any and all rumors. Recently, he said, "Short of suicide, I don't really know what I'd have to do to convince you people that I'm not running. I'm not running."

FOX News has more:

An Obama 2012 campaign source told Fox News that the campaign is not involved in efforts described in a New York Post story published Monday that says Obama operatives are "compiling a dossier" of material that could be used to damage Christie if he does a 180-degree shift and decides to run for president...

The source with the 2012 Obama campaign did not deny that the New Jersey Democratic Party or others loyal to the president may be doing some digging. That conforms with the Post's report that locals familiar with Christie's work in the governor's office and as a former U.S. attorney are doing the heavy lifting.

This morning, FOX & Friends tackled this issue (watch below):

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/Mo1Jadm6QYQ?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

Whether or not Christie runs, the Obama campaign clearly views him as formidable enough to begin creating a smear campaign (or, at the least, assembling the information needed to do so). Christie is already a rising star in the GOP. This alleged move by Obama's operatives may further solidify his elevated stance within Republican circles.

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