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Man Arrested After Shooting Standoff at D.C. Mosque


A man was arrested in a shooting incident with an off-duty police officer Friday afternoon after being escorted from a D.C. mosque.

NBC's DC affiliate reports:

The suspect became disruptive during a lecture about Memorial Day and service at the Masjib Muhammad Mosque in Northwest and was escorted out at about 2:30 p.m., NBC Washington's Darcy Spencer reported.

"Now what he said was, 'Sounds like you are recruiting,'" Imam Talib Shareef said. "Now, what he didn't like was what I was saying. Today's talk was on Memorial Day and commemorating those who make sacrifices. I was giving Islamic history and how it supports that and what the Quran says and how it supports that."

Outside, someone noticed he had a gun and alerted an off-duty police officer. The suspect had put the gun down on the ground but picked it up again and pointed it at the off-duty officer, Spencer reported. The officer fired at the suspect about a block away from the mosque near P Street and New Jersey Avenue but apparently didn't hit him.

It's unclear if the suspect fired his gun. He is in custody.

Witnesses said they see the man at the mosque frequently but he is not a member.

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