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Extreme Radical Attack on Religion': Rabbi Goes Head-to-Head With Author of San Fran Circumcision Ban


A proposed ban on circumcision in San Francisco is sparking a lot of debate across the country: Will it be intrusive government, or government simply protecting kids? On Friday, CNN decided to host such a debate between a rabbi and the man behind the ban. Needless to say, things got interesting. We'll let Talking Points Memo introduce the video:

Things got personal Friday on CNN.

A leading opponent of circumcision and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach sounded off over the merits of a proposed ban on circumcision being considered in San Francisco.

Lloyd Schofield, director of the San Francisco office of the Male Genital Mutilation Bill organization, says his proposal is intended to "protect the rights of men to choose for themselves when they're old enough if they want to become circumcised."

"It's a human right to have intact genitals, unless you choose otherwise," he said.

"I always believed that San Francisco was a live and let live city, I now see that it has a curious attachment to the male foreskin," Boteach hit back.

In the end, Boteach lets the audience know exactly what he thinks of the ban -- it's an "extreme, radical attack on religion." TPM has highlights from the debate below. But be warned, there is some rather scientific talk that does get graphic:

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