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What Advice Did Al Sharpton Give Rep Weiner While Guest Hosting on MSNBC?


Stop talking.

To paraphrase Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" -- The Anthony Weiner story grows "curiouser and curiouser."

On MSNBC last night, Al Sharpton guest-hosted for the network's benched bad-boy Ed Schultz and the hour was filled with magic and entertainment, plus a bit of sage wisdom for the embattled Congressman. That comes a bit later, let us begin with a review of Sharpton's performance in the host chair.

If you saw the show, then you may have noticed Mr. Sharpton's odd, death-grip on the two pieces of paper from which he never read a word.

Perhaps he did not know what to do with his hands and a helpful director offered the suggestion.

Sharpton struggled with names all night (yes, it was only a one-hour show, but it felt like all night), referring to frequent MSNBC guest EJ Dionne as "DJ" and was almost wrestled to the ground by having to pronounce the name of Media Matters attack-dog, Eric Boehlert.

And you may have noticed Sharpton's substitution of the word AXE for the word ASK. And, I realize that many people on the street use this kind of slang, but one expects more from those chosen to sit in the host chair on a major news network's cable outlet. For the record, the colloquial street slang, was heard more than once.

(Before anyone plays the Race Card on me, I realize that regional and ethnic slang exists and is to be considered 'part of the culture' by many, but this media consumer expects proper English to be spoken on network telecasts. When Lester Holt uses the word AXE instead of ASK, I will revisit my opinion.)

And then we were treated to Reverend Sharpton's One Minute Crisis Management Advice

Sharpton draws from his own, considerable experience with scandal to offer a simple tip to fellow NYer, Rep. Anthony Weiner. STOP TALKING:

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