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Dear media: female conservatives do exist. Get over it.


I'm getting pretty sick of the ongoing Bachmann/Palin death match being played out in the media right now. It seems unfathomable to most in the media (for whatever reason) for there to be more than one female Republican vying for the party's 2012 nomination and so the small field of female contenders must be whittled down to just one. I'm not one to go around crying "sexism!" but I'm at a loss for what other explanation there might be for these headlines:

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann size each other up

Can a Palin or Bachmann be elected president?

Pink elephants ready to stampede (a compare & contrast)

Palin v. Bachmann: Why certain stars should never dabble in politics

Bachmann, Palin fuel rumors

If Bachmann runs for president, observers say there is much she can learn from Palin’s 2008 VP run

I'm most disappointed to see fellow conservatives buying into the meme as well.  Even Fox News host Bill O'Reilly is pitting the two conservative gals up against each other in a poll on his website,

Where are the analyses of a potential Palin-Romney heavy-hitters match-up or a Bachmann-DeMint contest of tea party favorites?  How about a Gingrich (old grassroots favorite) vs. Bachmann (new grassroots favorite) comparison?  Wouldn't these make more sense?  Not according to the media who can't seem to get past the idea of a ridiculous political catfight fantasy in order to actually do their job.

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