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Ridiculous campaign story of the day: Palin stole Obama's font!


What's the latest hint that Sarah Palin might run for president? According to the Telegraph, Palin's website has adopted an Obama-esque font type.

Yes, the media are apparently now analyzing FONTS.  ::facepalm::

The former Alaskan governor's website, SarahPac, makes extensive use of the Gotham font, which graphic experts say played a central role in communicating Mr Obama's reformist values in his successful run for the White House in 2008.

Typographer Simon Garfield, who wrote a book called Just My Type, told an audience at the Hay Festival that the fresh-looking font could subliminally encourage people to support Mrs Palin.

In a speech reported in The Times, he said: "I think you can make a strong argument to say it was a great help to Obama.

"Obviously, he was elected because he is who he is but the whole campaign was such a fantastically clear, consistent one that the typeface did its job.

"You had the message: 'Change. Hope. Yes we can.' The font did not change from when he announced his candidacy through his primaries, on television, online and in all the print advertisements.

"I think the fact that Sarah Palin is using Gotham a lot shows how influential the font has been."

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