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Watch Massive Ammunitions Explosion Light Up Russia's Skies


At least two people are dead and 57 are injured...

At least two people are dead and 57 are injured after an ammunitions depot was consumed by flames in Russia's Ural Mountains region. The fire and resulting explosions led officials to evacuate 28,000 people who lived within 6.2 miles of the disaster site.

This is the second time, in recent days, that fires have ravaged Russia's ammo supply. On Thursday, a similar incident occurred at a Russian army arsenal, resulting in massive damage. The latest accident involves a depot that stores artillery shells and gun cartridges (unfortunately, these items were stored inside of highly-flammable wooden barrels).

But, not all was lost. Some of the munitions were stored in concrete and were unaffected by the blaze. As a result, Col. Roman Dmitriev, spokesman for the Russian Military Prosecutor's Office, expressed his relief, saying, "Thank God, not everything exploded."

The cause of the fire is currently being investigated. The Voice of Russia, on a much cooler note, claims that fire-fighting robots are working at the scene. Below, watch the blasts light up the sky like fireworks on the 4th of July:

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