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Woman Screams Out During TSA Screening: Alleges 'Molestation,' Demands Agent's Arrest


"I want a police officer now!"

A chilling video has surfaced of a woman allegedly going through a TSA screening checkpoint last weekend at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport.

After apparently experiencing one of the TSA's new enhanced pat-downs, the woman begins weeping and screaming out for the police, accusing the agent of "molesting" her and demanding the agent's arrest.

"I want a police officer now! Now! I want a police officer," she yells. "She [the agent] just molested me!" Later, as the screams get more intense, she cries out for someone to "help me" and tells the agent "this is illegal" and "you can't do that!"

In the video, she continues her screams for almost a minute and a half before another agent shoos away the man filming it all:

Gateway Pundit has more.

This isn't the first time the TSA has been accused of "molestation." In April, former Miss USA Susie Castillo accused an agent of the same thing while going through security in Dallas.


A more complete version of the video is below:

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