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92% of Americans Still Believe in God, But Youths, Easterners and Libs Aren't as Likely To


Americans' collective belief in a higher power remains strong. Despite living in a world that is filled with some pretty faith-shattering circumstances, 92 percent of the nation still believes in God.

In polling results released by Gallup yesterday, more than nine in 10 Americans answered the question, "Do you believe in God," affirmatively. This is down just slightly from the proportion that answered in the same way back in the 1940's (when Gallup began asking respondents about their belief in a higher power).

The results are even more fascinating when examining who is least likely to believe in the existence of a higher power. While belief in God appears relatively high across the majority of subgroups in American society, there are a few cohorts that are less likely to be believers:

Belief in God drops below 90% among younger Americans, liberals, those living in the East, those with postgraduate educations, and political independents. However, belief in God is nearly universal among Republicans and conservatives and, to a slightly lesser degree, in the South.

Here's a chart from Gallup that shows the results by subgroup:

While some lament the secularization of America, these same individuals may be encouraged by Gallup's finding that only 7 percent of the nation doesn't believe in God's existence. Earlier this month, we reported on an Oxford study that claims belief in God is ingrained in our human nature.

What do you think? Take our poll and tell us whether or not you believe in God's existence:

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