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Zombie Protesters Interrupt Special Olympics Event to Protest Wis. Gov. Walker


There's protesting an event and exercising your First Amendment right, and then there's dressing up as zombies and interrupting a Special Olympics event to trumpet your cause. I'm not sure many people will have much respect for the latter method, but that's exactly what a group of protesters did today to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. explains:

Protesters in Madison today dressed up as zombies to protest an appearance by Governor Scott Walker at a get-together of the Special Olympics. They carried signs and interfered with the ceremony.

Do they think they are helping their cause by interfering with the Special Olympics?

At one point, the protesters even parade into the event and stand directly in front of the Special Olympians (pictured in green), blocking the athletes' view:

The MacIver Institute has the video, during which one of the protesters defends the group's actions:

It should be noted that the group remained silent throughout, but that doesn't absolve them from being a distraction and stealing the moment from the Olympians at such an event.

You can watch raw video of the group's actions below:


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