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Obama completes his 72nd round of golf since becoming President


It is June 12, 2011 and today President Obama returned early from his family retreat at Camp David in order to play a round of golf. According to several published reports, this was the 11th consecutive weekend that the President managed to squeeze in some golf. (That means Barack Obama has played golf every single weekend since April 3, 2011.) The game played today was also the 72nd round that Barack Obama has played since taking the oath of office in January of 2009, becoming President and Commander in Chief.

Speaking of Obama's military leadership role, did you know that more than 1200 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan under Obama's watch?

Additionally, we know that the President and Vice President are scheduled to face off against John Boehner and John Kasich next Saturday in something billed as the first 'Golf Summit.' That also means the Obama golf streak will hit a 12th consecutive week. This event is said to be a way for the Speaker and the President to try and come together on vital topics like the Debt Ceiling, the Budget, and Tax Policy. If these issues are so important, one wonders why our leaders can't just talk about them 'at the office' instead of waiting weeks to get together on a golf course?

For the sake of comparison, early in his first term, President George Bush was famously ridiculed for playing golf while Americans were dying on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Bush reportedly stopped soon after voices on the Left criticized him for this bit of relaxation. President Bush explains why he stopped playing golf;

In eight years as President, George Bush played 24 rounds of golf. (Reminding everyone that Obama has already played 72 times in less than 2 1/2 years.)

Perhaps President Obama could learn something from his predecessor?

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