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Chris Christie: 'I Make No Apologies' Regarding Use of NJ State Helicopter


"I would not make a different decision if I had to do it again."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn't one who plays by the traditional political rulebook. He's not afraid to say what's on his mind and, by many accounts, he's willing to make some tough and unpopular choices. But, a few weeks ago, when he found himself in the middle of a controversy surrounding private use of a government helicopter, he quickly caved and reimbursed the state for the expenses.

Tonight, CNN's Piers Morgan aired an interview with Christie in which the governor took on the issue and defended his use of the helicopter. He said, "I make no apologies...I would not make a different decision if I had to do it again" (though he says he would pay for it next time).

In the interview, Christie said that, though he is not complaining, he is often forced to miss his children's events. That day, the only way he could attend his son's baseball game was by helicopter, so he believes his duties as a father warranted the use of the aircraft. The governor goes on to explain that it was the public's perception that caused him to return the money. Watch for yourself:

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