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See Students Try to Explain Why They Support Affirmative Action...But Not in Sports


"I feel like athletics is kinda different."

Oliver Darcy and the team at ExposingLeftists.com has produced yet another gem of a video. You'll remember that they're the group that likes to go to college campuses and expose hypocrisy by asking students to sign various petitions. This time, they tackled affirmative action. And the results are both hilarious and disconcerting.

From the video's description:

Many students support affirmative action, in an effort to promote diversity. They argue that race-based preferences "level the playing field" for disadvantaged minorities. However, these same students refused to sign our petition to apply such policies to the basketball team. At UC Riverside -- where the video was filmed -- 10/11 active players on the team are African American. Why not use affirmative action to promote diversity there?

It's definitely worth the four and a half minutes to see the students say they support affirmative action, but then stumble and fumble as they try to explain why "skill" should be the deciding factor, not race, and that using affirmative action in sports is just "different:"

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