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Is This Award-Winning Kia Ad Promoting Pedophilia?


You should know ahead of time that the ad you're about to see won an award. That might seem all well and good, until you see it, and then read that it's being charged with promoting pedophilia.

The ad, for car company Kia, recently took away a silver award at the Cannes Lions Festival, a gathering of creative, artsy media types. On one side of the ad, it depicts a male teacher and young, female student having an innocent conversation about staying after class and the student offering the teacher an apple. But on the other side of the ad, the teacher and student are pictured having a graphic, sexually-tinged flirt session complete with plenty of innuendo.

See for yourself (click on the image to enlarge):

The ad is supposed to promote Kia's dual climate control. But as some have noted, that seems to be an afterthought, while others have asked if the ad is really promoting pedophilia and statutory rape.

Readers over at the Huffington Post are currently taking a poll. As of this publication, 65 percent think it's "disgusting." Take our poll and tell us what you think.

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