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Egyptian Leader Condemns Democracy, Calls it ‘Bad, Backwards and Retarded Idea’


"I condemn it."

When Egyptian Shaykh Sa'id 'Abd-al-'Azim (a leader in Egypt's salafi movement, which is a militant fundamentalist group calling for Islamic domination) sat down for an interview with the satellite station al-Hafez, he had plenty to say about democracy's "evils." Aside from calling the freedom-focused form of government "...a bad, backwards, and retarded idea," he also said that those who support democracy are "wicked." He goes on to target the perils of free will, saying:

Even the freedoms--what are they? Among the freedoms inherent in the democratic system are freedom for women, freedom of ownership, freedom of homosexuality, personal freedom, freedom of conscience and expression, freedom to disbelieve in the Creator of Heaven and Earth. There's mixing (of men and women), usury--all of this is in democracy, which is why I condemn it.

You can watch the June 4 interview, below:

(h/t to Translating Jihad)

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