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Caught on Video: Russian President Loses Control of SUV & Nearly Hits Crowd


Russian President Dimitri Medvedev may want to think twice the next time he decides to drive himself to a public appearance.

The Russian leader had a quite a scare on Saturday in the town of Kazan when he lost control of his car while exiting. The car kept going and headed straight for a crowd of cheering, and horrified, supporters. And it was all caught on video (fast forward to about 45 seconds below):

According to Reuters, it's unclear what caused the incident and not surprisingly the government has been silent about the gaffe. However, the outlet does note that it's not odd for Medvedev to be his own chauffeur:

Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who steered him into the presidency in 2008, appear to share the growing Russian affection for cars and have frequently taken the wheel in public appearances or when hosting foreign leaders.
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