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Fox Feud? Geraldo Hits Back at Goldberg: 'Ideological' & 'Opinion Meister


"...I really really am extremely annoyed at it."

Geraldo Rivera hit back hard against regular Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg this morning for comments Goldberg made last night insinuating that Geraldo would offer different analysis of the Casey Anthony trial if it involved a Hispanic. Not surprisingly, Geraldo wasn't too pleased.

To recap, here's what Goldberg said yesterday (you can watch the video here):

“I wonder if Geraldo and others who think like Geraldo would be so open minded if let’s say a militia man in Arizona was accused of killing a Hispanic immigrant, and the evidence was similar to this case — a mountain of circumstantial evidence. You think Geraldo Rivera would go on the air and talk to you the way he did?”

During an interview on "Fox and Friends" this morning, the crew asked Geraldo what he had to say. And he didn't hold back.

"I think what Bernie Godlberg just did was an ad hominum attack that has no basis in the relevant facts and circumstances of this case. He's clearly not a lawyer, he's an ideological person who is making an ideological argument, and I really really am extremely annoyed at it."

He went on to again trumpet his credentials as a lawyer, saying that's what makes him different from Goldberg who is an "opinion meister" that tries to spin things. Eventually, the Fox crew had to cut him off.

You can watch the rebuttal below starting at about 7:30:

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