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Bernie Goldberg to O'Reilly: Geraldo Wouldn't Defend Anthony Verdict if Victim Was 'Hispanic Immigrant


"This is ridiculous."

The Casey Anthony verdict has caused plenty of consternation among the media. One such person annoyed, angry, and flummoxed is Fox News host Bill O'Reilly. On Tuesday, he hosted media critic Bernard Goldberg to discuss it. And when O'Reilly brought up his just-concluded interview with Geraldo Rivera -- in which Geraldo defended Anthony as a "good mother" -- Goldberg went off.

"I wonder if Geraldo and others who think like Geraldo would be so open minded if let's say a militia man in Arizona was accused of killing a Hispanic immigrant, and the evidence was similar to this case -- a mountain of circumstantial evidence," he said. "You think Geraldo Rivera would go on the air and talk to you the way he did?"

Understanding that the question was loaded, and there's really no non-controversial way to answer it, O'Reilly responded, "I really can't answer that."

Goldberg did: "I don't think he would speculate that maybe this person did it, maybe she's crazy, maybe this, maybe that. This is ridiculous."

You can watch the comments below:

But if you thought that was interesting, you'll definitely want to see the aforementioned exchange between O'Reilly and Geraldo. It was fiery, as Mediate explains:

“Bull!” O’Reilly began to shout, which introduced a lengthy segment of unintelligible crosstalk, followed by O’Reilly shouting “how does a good mother go to a wet body contest when her baby is missing?” Rivera returned to the reasonable doubt standard as his crutch, noting that there was no cause of death or revealing autopsy results. “You don’t want to believe it,” O’Reilly concluded, “and the jury didn’t want to believe it either.”

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