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Patti LaBelle Crew: Two Members Finally Charged With Assaulting West Point Cadet


Her hairdresser was one of them.

In June The Blaze reported about a West Point cadet who was suing Patti LaBelle's bodyguards for beating him in the parking lot at Bush International Airport in Houston.

According to reports, assault charges have now been filed against two members of LaBelle's entourage in connection with the incident. In addition, King is suing LaBelle and she is countersuing.

ABC News reports:

It was Patti LaBelle's son, Zuri Edwards, who originally said he was the victim in this incident at Bush Intercontinental Airport, but Houston police are not buying that now. In court documents, Edwards is described as an instigator, while LaBelle's hairdresser and bodyguard are charged with assault.

It all came down to the surveillance video we showed you a few weeks ago. In the footage, you can see West Point cadet Richard King on his cell phone near LaBelle's luggage and car outside Terminal C at IAH. Her son, who's also her driver, bumps King with his chest, then the bodyguard Efrem Holmes hits King. According to court documents, both Holmes and LaBelle's hairdresser, Norma Harris, 63, then pushed King, causing him to fall into a concrete pillar and suffer a head injury.

Because of the original claims that King was the aggressor, West Point, which was reportedly tipped off by HPD, suspended King. He is now awaiting deployment orders.

HPD reportedly told ABC that internal affairs is currently  investigated the actions by police officers. ABC also reports that two officers were seen taking photographs with LaBelle inches away from King's blood.

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