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It's Not Often That an Inmate's Jail Escape Is Caught on Video


Prisoners stage fight, burst through guard area.

A prisoner escaped from a Texas jail after staging a ruse with a fellow inmate — and the entire thing was caught on security camera.

In the video, Trent Archie and another inmate appear to use the pay phones outside the booking area. According to a prison official, they were waiting for a staged fight to break out and for the guard to open the door to break it up. Once the door opened, they barged through, with Archie then escaping through another door into a waiting car.

He was caught three days later in Houston. The other inmate did not escape.

Walker County Sheriff Clint McRae told Houston's KHOU that the two guards in the booking area, a male and a female, did everything they could to prevent the escape.

"They fought tooth and nail from the point the two inmates entered the booking area. They actually attempted to restrain and fight these individuals from the booking office all the way into an adjoining office which accesses the lobby in the front of the department," McRae said.

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