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During Interview, Bill O'Reilly Calls Obama's Father a 'Shadowy Figure' and a 'Sociopath


Obama Sr. had a "loose relationship with the truth."

On Tuesday night, author Sally Jacobs appeared on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" to discuss her new book, "The Other Barack." Collectively, the book provides a comprehensive look at the life of President Barack Obama's father.

It paints a depressing tale of a man who married four times, consumed copious amounts of alcohol and was scarcely involved in his son, Barack Jr.'s, life. Bill O'Reilly, of course, held nothing back regarding his opinion about the president's father.

Jacobs' new work is unique in that it provides information that has thus far not been uncovered about Barack Obama Sr. In reviewing "The Other Barack," The Washington Post's David J. Garrow writes:

...[Jacobs'] richly sourced account of how a promising young adulthood quickly descended into daily alcoholic binges and serial domestic violence paints an even more dramatically downbeat portrait than did Obama’s namesake son 16 years ago in “Dreams From My Father.”

During his interview with Jacobs, O'Reilly was candid, asking Jacobs "what kind of man" would abandon his son. The conservative commentator called Obama Sr. a "sociopath" and "a shadowy figure." Additionally, he condemned the elder Obama's abandonment of his son as "deplorable."

While Jacobs is unwilling to call Obama Sr.'s actions "deplorable," (she says it's not her place to judge and that such occurrences are common), she does admit that he was reckless and that he had a "loose relationship with the truth." Watch O'Reilly's tough commentary and this intriguing interview, below:

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