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Mumbai Blasts: Taliban-Style Explosive Found -- Police Suspect 'Coordinated Terrorist' Attack (Graphic Images)


"Help me, help me..."

A series of three fatal blasts ravaged the city of Mumbai Wednesday, killing a reported 21 people and injuring at least 113. The explosions went off during the height of the evening rush hour, striking the town's Opera House, a well-known jewelry store and the crowded neighborhood of Dadar.  Reports tell us that a fourth explosive device was in fact found, but did not go off.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility, but if the coordinated series of three blasts and "Taliban-style" explosive device found at the scene is any indication, Islamic terrorists are indeed suspected.

According to The Daily Mail Mumbai's police chief says at least one of the blasts was caused by a Taliban-style makeshift explosive device.

Arup Patnaik, the city's police commissioner told local television that an improvised explosive device was concealed inside an umbrella in a jewellery shop at Jhaveri Bazaar.

A witness there described two motorcycles exploding in flames and saw at least six bodies. 'People were shouting "Help me, help me",' the man told Headlines Today television.

Another witness showed cell phone video of several bodies sprawled across the street to the NDTV news station.

In Dadar the bomb exploded in a taxi next to a bus stop. An eyewitness in the area told the BBC he saw the bus top and vehicle torn apart by the explosion.

An Opera House-based diamond merchant, Sunny Ghandi, told the Financial Times there was a stampede as panic-stricken commuters fled.

The Mail also reports that police in Mumbai believe the blasts were a "series of coordinated attacks by terrorists,"  due to the close timing of each of the three explosions. The city has since been put on "high alert" and has a commando team on standby.

Not long ago in 2008 Mumbai was the scene of another deadly incident in which Pakistani militants murdered over 170 people in coordinated attacks on the city's hotels, train station and a Jewish center.

The video below provides additional coverage of the blasts:

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