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A Camp David sleep-over? ('Weekend At Barry's')


Washington, DC rewards bad behavior. If you need more proof of this, consider the potential of a Camp David Debt Ceiling Summit.

The news media has been spinning in circles to find different angles to cover in the Debt Ceiling topic. Each of the news nets will no doubt start inserting a "Default Countdown" clock in the bottom of the screen any second now.

Yesterday we were treated to speculation that President Obama was going to pack up the entire delegation and take them to Camp David for the weekend where they would be in lock-down until an agreement was reached.

Camp David is a luxurious retreat, and possibly the world's most exclusive, secure, and luxurious spa. It is a historic venue that might also be considered hallowed political ground.  The compound is the place every American President (since FDR) has used a personal retreat as well as the site for high-level meetings. Roosevelt hosted Churchill at Camp David, President Jimmy Carter's meeting in the mountains with Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Israel's Menachem Begin lead to the Camp David Accords, and Bill Clinton made it "the location" for celebrity friends of the White House.

Offering to host Congressional negotiations at Camp David seems like a reward instead of a punishment. The Debt Ceiling negotiations are work that should have been completed at the office. Oddly enough, Pelosi and Boehner seem to agree that a Camp David weekend would not be productive.

I liken a Camp David weekend to rewarding failing students with a trip to Disneyworld. Something tells me that Michelle Obama would not surprise Sasha and Malia with a fabulous "Girl's Weekend" at the spa if they didn't finish their homework on time.

The President is slated to speak on the Debt Ceiling topic this morning at 11am, and if he announces that the whole crew is headed for a team-building weekend at his party house in the mountains, the screams you hear will be coming from me.

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